Nominees 2015


HR Person of the Year- Large organization

  • Carol McDaniel
    All Children’s Hospital

  • Tony Moore
    Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc

  • Zoraida Pérez
    Greystone Health Network

  • Gary Vien
    Suncoast Credit Union

HR Person of the Year- Medium organization

  • Michele Mathews
    KR Management, LLC

  • Laura Nold
    In Transition

  • Kimberly Boulahanis
    Austin Colby

  • Kimberly Woollard
    Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

  • Julie Schilson
    Tidwell Hospice

HR Person of the Year- Small organization

  • Keri Higgins-Bigelow

  • Diana Alvis
    The Spice & Tea Exchange

  • Amber Kukulya
    Minor League Baseball

  • Debby Erdahl
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay

  • Christy Foster
    DDS Lab, Inc.

  • Becky Berns
    Franklin Street

  • Marianne Urban
    Community Aging &
    Retirement Services Inc,
    dba CARES

  • Temika Kitchen
    MSGI Corp

  • Lisa Murfield
    Hill Ward Henderson

HR Consultant of the year

  • Kelley Rexroad
    Krex Consulting

  • Loretta Calvin
    Monroe Consulting

  • Nicole DeBourg
    InPocket HR Consulting, LLC

HR Young Professional of the year

  • Sofia Reed
    National Diversity Council

  • Terin Cremer
    Bankers Financial Corporation

  • Kara DiRosa